Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Standard Observances

As I work through the ino's computer to find the ceremonies previously done on these occasions, I also take a look at the 'Gyoji Kihan', where of course everything is completely spelled out.
I don't see anything about ringing the temple bell 108 times, but I see that according to the regulations,  I should have made this announcement on Sunday evening:

I announce to the great assembly: wind and fire have pressed in
together on Reverend / Monk / Trainee,
and he/she has been unable to avoid them. You are all
invited to send off the deceased tomorrow after breakfast / after
midday meal. All except the common quarters monitor and sangha
hall monitor must be sure to attend.

I also was drawn to the statements that should be written on banners as part of the funeral procession:

Banners for Funeral of a Deceased Monk [454]

Four White Banners [346]

All things are Impermanent
This is the Law of Arising and Passing Away
When Arising and Passing Away are Extinguished
Extinction is Ease

shogyō mujō 諸行無常
ze shōmetsu hō 是生滅法
shōmetsu metsu i 生滅滅已
jakumetsu i raku 寂滅為楽

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