Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

I never think that I understand what Dogen is talking about, but if I am reading with a certain amount of alertness, then sometimes things filter in and resonate in a particular way. This morning I read 'Manifestation of Great Prajna', or 'Maka Hannya Haramitsu', and 'Actualizing the Fundamental Point', or 'Genjo Koan'.
The line that I want to highlight from the former is "This monk's [a monk in Buddha's assembly] understanding was that taking refuge in all things is taking refuge in prajna that does not arise or perish", which put me in mind of the opening chapters of 'Realizing Genjokoan'. Alongside that, I offer the lines from 'Genjo Koan': "To carry the self forward and illuminate myriad things is delusion. That myriad things come forth and illuminate the self is awakening".
Interestingly, this current translation of 'Genjo Koan' is about ninety per cent indentical to the version we chant at Zen Center - rarely here, but regularly at Tassajara. I was keen to observe the changes that had been made, and how those changes themselves can also help elucidate the slippery concepts being expressed, as we can look into the gap between two similar terms and find a fresh picture there.

On an equally profound note, I find that I am drawn to the slowly increasing flag counter each time I log in, fifteen countries so far, and I know there are readers from other countries who are yet to make an appearance. Also, I reformatted the comments page, again, having seen a better version on other blogs. This current set-up also allows me to respond to the comments you leave, which somehow I was not able to do before, so please keep the comments coming, and I will do my best to provide satisfaction...

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