Friday, October 8, 2010


The stats continue to amuse and amaze, as well as bringing people unexpectedly to this site (see the comment from Sandy here - and I recommend his Witterings wholeheartedly), and frustrating me as I try to cut and paste the table format they come in.
Here are some search words from the past week that brought people onto the site:

ino's blog 6
"great is the matter of birth and death" "green gulch"1
allison head shaving 1
east block san quentin 1
inos cleaning service 1
seido lee debarros 1
shuso 1
ινος blog 1
I am happy to see some Greek in the mix there, and can report that the ino's cleaning service, with the help of some of the practice period students, has been hard at work tidying up the capacious closets in the ino's office, which contain all kinds of miscellaneous and occasionally unidentifiable treasures.

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Thank you for the mention.