Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sitting Long, Getting Tired

I know it is unreasonable to expect an event that involves upwards of sixty people and unfolds over sixteen hours to go without a hitch, and looking back, none of the things that end up being less than ideal are really a problem. There is a certain pattern to these things: someone calls at the last minute, just after I have breathed a sigh of relief that I have printed and copied all the bits of paper with the various informations on them, hoping to be included; someone else isn't sitting in their assigned seat, and when I ask them about it, says they were not planning on sitting, and had told the Abbot and the Tanto so, but luckily agrees to do the job that I had assigned them; people appear unexpectedly, people disappear unexpectedly, people want to talk to me, people want to talk to each other.
As before, a certain amount of pressure on the ino is lifted once we get through the morning program, though there are still the meals to pay attention to - they were all a little long yesterday, so less break time than scheduled - but this time, once we settled into the afternoon schedule, I found my legs were already sore. Happily they remained just sore, so I got to focus on trying to sit upright. For the last period, at eight thirty, Paul asked us all to sit facing out; for me that is no different, but the room feels much smaller when everyone's attention is directed into the room rather than towards the wall. It is always nice to end the day with the Refuges; there was a lovely deep tone in the room as we chanted, which brought everything to a harmonious close, and I went straight to bed, thinking about today's ride - no organisational stress, less pain in the legs, and only the traffic and the rain to contend with.

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