Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Robe Of Liberation

The evening ceremonies we have done on the last year and a half - I'm thinking of last year's jukai, and the Lay Entrustment ceremonies - have all had a distinctively intimate feeling, and the jukai on Friday night was no exception. There was a nice turnout of Saturday Sangha people and of residents to support Dennis and Oceania. With Michael at the helm along with Jordan, I knew the formality would tend to fluidity rather than rigidity, and this also came to pass.
The drawback is that it is harder to get decent photographs - I am generally loath to use a flash, although one of the flash pictures came out okay; notably it was the one that wasn't posed. Luckily there was enough light in the Art Lounge afterwards to catch some of the socialising:

Blanche admires Dennis' new rakusu

Jim, Karissa, Robert, Susana and Dennis in the Art Lounge


Dennis and OC

Again with the feet

Probably my favourite picture of the evening

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