Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Hundred Grasses

I am torn between my usual desire not to repeat myself more than strictly necessary, and the desire to acknowledge that things happen more than once and that we live in a world of cyles - lunar, seasonal,  annual and so on - which living a ceremonial life often makes very explicit.
So I don't really have anything new to say about last night's Full Moon Ceremony. It was well attended, more than sixty people in the Buddha Hall at a guess, and very warm - I was sweating before we even started on the prostrations. We had a pair of pros as kokyo and doan in Tim and Anna, who did us proud, and a brand new doshi in Rosalie, who seemed to have it all down from what I could see. I was mainly looking at White Tara as usual.

I took this picture yesterday morning, and it reminded me of this one, though of course there is a difference in where the moon is setting. After dinner, I went upstairs to be greeted by this:

Nothing new, but still beautiful to behold fresh.

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