Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coming Attractions

If you pay close attention to the Zen Center calendar, you may have noticed an upcoming event in conjunction with The Bold Italic, which you can now read all about here - it is sold out though, so if you haven't already got tickets, sorry. I have been curious about how this event will unfold since Michael B. proposed it many months ago, and have been happy to be a part of planning it. There is a continual debate here, as there needs to be, as to how we keep Zen Center vital and interesting to the wider community without losing sight of the fundamental reasons why we do this (which is why I was keen to help Young Urban Zen happen), and while I tend to scepticism around the whole notion of 'Zen and ...' that sometimes seems to happen here and at Tassajara as a way to entice people, the angle proposed here definitely got me enthused. Imagining as we have that this event will reach a very different crowd than usual, I look forward to seeing how such an influx of people will affect the building, and vice versa.


Hannah said...

Ooh, wish I'd known about this one. It looks great! Hope it will become a regular event in some form.

Shundo said...

I would be surprised if it became regular - but you never know.