Monday, October 3, 2011

Study Hall

A last excerpt from Returning to Silence for the time being: "The moment between before and after is called Truth or Buddha's world. We don't know what this is but we are there. Our life is completely embraced by this. We are present from moment to moment right there. That is what we call buddha, Buddha's world or Buddha-nature. That Truth is not something objective; it is the original nature of the self. Original nature of the self is not something different from the Truth. They are one.
The source of energy that helps the growth of our original nature is not in the conscious conceptual world. We are just going, so there is no room to say it is anywhere. It is continuous dynamic working and it is there we must stand up. Life is the full manifestation of total dynamic working. There is no room to conceptualize. It is just working. If we want to taste this, it is practice. We have to be right there, be present right there. We have to be in harmony with our original nature. If we are there, very naturally seeds of our energy grow, the source of our energy, our life, grows. But it is not an idea of 'right there'; it is more than that; it is nothing but dynamic energy, energy in motion. It is going on eternally, regardless of whether the world is born or not."


Mike said...

Hi Shundo - Hope you are well. I liked this quote so much I put on my Facebook page. I enjoy the "Study Hall" posts.

Got a new mountain bike this weekend. Went on an amazing 4 hour ride through old growth forests on Friday.

Shundo said...

Hi Mike, Glad you had a good time with a new bike, and that you liked the Katagiri. Any suggestions on what I should read next?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quote. I, too, am enjoying these Study Hall posts.

I have a question somewhat unrelated to this post, but related to the last one and to deeply engaging in this practice. Do you think you could maybe write a little bit on what it really means to take part in lay ordination? What do you see as the significance of jukai? What leads up to jukai? What kind of practice must one undertake? Just curious to hear what you have to say!

Shundo said...

Thanks for the comment, and I will try to find something intelligent to say on the subject in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! Was just curious as to how someone in the zen community, who has undertaken priest ordination, sees it. I also feel like although I understand what it is in some ways, I am ignorant on what the practical aspects leading up to it are.

Once was a zen student said...

Here is one more comment. If you would like to read something different about Zen I recommend reading the writings of the Indian mystic Osho. (He was controversial yes, but his books are very illuminating). He spoke in modern language and so was easy to understand.

One of my favorite books is called 'Nirvana, the Last Nightmare'. Nice title!

The current Tenzo has a couple of books by Osho given to her for safekeeping by a certain someone, in case you are interested, Shundo.

Now far be it for me to monopolize the comments section, perish forbid, so I'll take a break now. Anyways, I'm pretty sure it was my soft spot for the center that brought me to check out the blog. The center was certainly a kind of second family for a while (as it might be for others too) and family is always.., well this is very true, family is a terminal condition. You are separated from your family only when you die. They are inside of you always. Oh the humanity! Someone have mercy. :)

All the best.

Mike said...


No specific suggestions, but how about some poetry? I can rummage around to see if I can find some titles in my library to suggest.


Shundo said...

Thank you both for the suggestions. As it happens, the universe provided one answer, in the shape of a book that Renee lent to me, which I expect to be quoting from in the next few days.