Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hungry Ghosts

I don't mind confessing that I wasn't in the most festive of moods for much of yesterday. Even with an almost entirely relaxing weekend consisting of bikes, books and beaches, I was still feeling the effects of the long day on Friday. I remember well setting up for Sejiki last year, so I knew I just had to keep plugging away through the day and it would all get done, which it did, but I was kind of cranky until late in the afternoon, especially as almost everyone seemed to want to know what costume I was going to wear.
It was only when I stood in front of the assembly - at least those who were there on time, there was a continual stream of people arriving as the ceremony went on - to explain what was going to happen, that I made an effort to hit the switch and be 'on'. And I had a good time - the rehearsal of the Kan Ro Mon in the morning paid off, as it sounded harmonious and strong, and all the other elements fell into place nicely. I felt relaxed and present for the last part of the dedication, which I hadn't really looked at before, and that wrapped it up nicely.
Even better, I had a dedicated bunch of people offering to set the Buddha Hall back to its normal state, so that went smoothly. After a big noisy dinner, the small gaggle of YUZ people who had come for the ceremony went out for refreshments, which was a positive end to a long day. Of course now I have to clean up the ino's office, which had not had a chance to recover from Friday night, and is now deluged with paper, ceremonial objects and noisemakers.

Offering food for the hungry ghosts

Sejiki incensor with rice instead of ash

The sejiki altar

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