Monday, November 22, 2010

The Gate of Liberation Stands Open

I was thinking that the three ceremonies we are having in the space of a week were all somewhat different, but this is not really the case. On Friday night we had an intimate jukai and rakusu-giving ceremony, led by Shosan Victoria Austin, with Chris Shelton receiving the precepts, and Kathryn Stark renewing her vows with her new teacher.
Being the evening, we did not get the usual photo opportunities in the courtyard, but we gathered in the dining room instead. None of my flash-assisted photographs turned out at all good, so here is a grainy shot sans flash of Chris, Victoria and Kathryn:

This morning we all got to renew our vows with the Full Moon Ceremony, led by Jordan as the kokyo. As usual, I notice I was a little distracted until we had got through all the homages, but then I was much more focused by the time we got to the vows and precepts themselves.
On Wednesday evening, at the usual time for zazen, we will have our Thanksgiving Ceremony, which will include offering food for those whose needs are greater; and then, after a couple of days' holiday, right into Rohatsu...

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