Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sympathetic Joy

As I have said before, I am not much of a baseball fan, but I liked the idea of being at a ticker tape parade, and since our weekly senior staff meeting ended early, the tanto and I walked down towards Civic Center to see the Giants parade. For all I know he may still be there; the helicopters and advertising planes are still circling overhead. I felt I should come back for noon service, so I didn't see them arrive in the Plaza, but the crowds were already huge. There were numerous TV crews, a drum circle, some big motorbikes, and despite Prop.19 not passing, a fair amount of marijuana smoke in the air ("Don't they know it didn't pass?" - "Well, maybe they don't yet"...). All told though, the last time I was in a crowd this large and this good-humoured was during Gay Pride, another great San Francisco get-together.

I gave my pictures to Caren, who didn't get to go, and may be posting them on her blog. She added the following caveat:  "If, for some reason, you mention me in your blog, (which I don’t expect you to), please note that I am a diehard Red Sox fan, that all of my loyalties are to the Red Sox, but I have gained respect and admiration for the giants. A girl has to have her pride, right?  ( ;"


Sandy's witterings said...

Good to see a bit of the city from ground level. Between most of your buildings appearing to be white and greater than the UK sunshine levels, I should think you'd have to live your life in sunglasses.

Shundo said...

It's true, when the sun is shining, it is definitely brighter than the UK, even in November. I may even head off to the beach this morning as it is pretty warm - yesterday it was 80 on the roof here. Of course when it is grey, it is grey.

caren said...

Nice blog post, Shundo. And thank you for redeeming what's left of my pride. (: