Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bit Parky?

Obviously the weather in Japan is more predictable than it is here. While looking in the "Gyoji Kihan" for an answer to Dennis' question about the correct traditional placement of doors to the zendo, I found the instructions for today's date:

— November 1 —

Section Three: Opening Braziers [206]

This day is time for opening braziers in sangha hall and various quarters.
From this day on, according to customary ritual procedure monks of assembly
may cover their folded hands with their sleeves.

I remember Linda Ruth referring to a seasonal covering of the hands while we were at Tassajara, where it is nice to be able to do so. Today in San Francisco it is around 70 degrees on the roof, and I don't think the braziers need to be opened.

PS My informant tells me that they have just turned on the heat in the Tassajara zendo, so I suspect Kathy is following the observances.

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Mike said...

I sat with my hands covered this morning. i was chilly and wondered if it was appropriate. Know I know. Thanks, Shundo.