Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

'Once, Lecturer Liang of Mount Xi, Hong Region, studied with Mazu, who said, "Which sutra do you teach?"
Liang said, "The Heart Sutra."
Mazu said, "How do you teach it?"
Liang said, "I teach it with the heart."
Mazu said, "The heart is like a main actor. The will is like a supporting actor. The six types of consciousness are like their company. How do they understand your teaching of the sutra?"
Liang said, "If the heart doesn't understand it, does emptiness understand it?"
Mazu said, "Yes it does."
Liang flipped his sleeves and started to walk away.
Mazu called, "Lecturer."
Liang turned his head around.
Mazu said, "Just this, from birth till death."
At this moment, Liang had great realization. He hid himself at Mount Xi, and no one heard about him any longer.' ('Space', 'Koku').

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