Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blogs and bees

Whatever else may be happening, nature continues to provide us with abundance.
 Since the demise of the ino blogroll some months ago, I haven't had so many blogs to recommend; now there are two to highlight, first from Zack, and then from the Beginner - I know who it is, but I won't blow his cover - which deliver views from different ends of the practice experience spectrum.

And, by pretty tenuous connection, there was an inaugural honey harvest today from our recently arrived bees. Luckily I was alerted in time to get up there with my camera:

Rose, Justin, Alan and Marcia with the honey

I think we will be getting this tomorrow night with our dinner


Sandy's witterings said...

How excellent, your own honey from your own bees. It's the most marvelous stuff - provided perfectly processed from nature (and lasts for ever, or a jolly long time, apparently).

Bees are struggling just now, so good luck with yours. I saw a program on the box last year about urban bees, which says that urban bees (there are quite a lot of hives dotted about London now)are doing better than country bees - it has been suggested that towns have plenty of parks and gardens with flowers, whereas in the country use of chemicals may be killing them off.

Maybe nature won't provide if we're hard enough on it, so well done for doing your bit over there.

Shundo said...

Hi Sandy,

It is exciting and quite miraculous. We are worried about bees over here too, but there has been a real up-swing in urban bee-keeping in San Francisco, and happily, we are very close to an urban farm, which has taken over an old freeway site and several community gardens, so we are doing our bit.