Monday, June 6, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

I need to be a little more settled than I am right now to really drink in Dogen properly, and although I started 'Thirty-Seven Wings of Enlightenment' ('Sanjushichi Hon Bodai Bumpo') this morning, it takes him twenty pages to get through all thirty-seven wings, and I didn't make it to the end.
Phrases that resonated from the first half:
"The supernormal power of desire is the intention of body-mind to become a buddha, to sleep well, to be the self, and to bow to you". That would be nice.
"Know that the root of trust is not self, not others. It is not forced by the self, nor is it created by the self or led by others. Because it is not established by the self, it has been intimately entrusted throughout east and west".

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