Monday, June 20, 2011

Coffee And Chocolate

When I first worked at the BBC, we had a shift pattern that I greatly enjoyed, which was spread out over eight days. Every couple of months, you would end up working on a Friday from 1pm to 10pm, on Saturday from 3pm until 11pm, and then on Sunday you would work over night from around 11pm up to 7am. For me, the consolation of not having a regular weekend was always riding my bike home on a Monday morning just as everyone else was starting their working week, knowing that I had three days off coming up (a sleep day, and then two 'weekend' days). It felt a little like that this morning, as I set off on a leisurely bike ride to the Bovine for coffee just as the roads, and the bridge, were fully laden with commuters heading into town.
Call me superficial, but I do find it easier to feel attuned to the abundant energy of the universe when the sun is shining and it is over seventy degrees; it was such a day today, and I was definitely making up for any potential vitamin D deficiency I may have suffered from not really getting outside for several days.

After all those moon shots - the sun at breakfast time in the courtyard
 Although, as you can surmise, we had something of a day off here today - which is thanks to Anna, while she was still the director - a few of us got up to make sure the zendo was open for business as usual (Tanya and Renee, superstars as usual), though I had to wake up the night-watch to get the door alarms turned off.
And I found another bar of the same chocolate on my desk this morning. I don't think I have to scratch my head for too long this time to know who to thank. It has to be said that our man stuck it out the whole way through, which is no small feat.


Sandy's witterings said...

Good grief, I had to go a long way back before I came to a blog I'd read - you turn your back on the internet for a moment and 2 weeks go past.

I like irregular hours - and who has more irregular than mine. Time off when the work is quiet znd all the crowds are at their desks. Not so good for football fans but for me, perfect.

Your courtyard looks a wonderful place for a morning cup of tea (or indeed consuming the delivery from the chocolate elf)

Shundo said...

Welcome back Sandy, yes a lot has been going on, not least some decent summer. I used to watch a lot of football on the TV at work, which was good as I never had Sky at home...
And yes, many a cuppa is drunk in the courtyard.