Thursday, September 22, 2011

The World-wide Web

Tipping the hat in various directions today:  The zen beginner has a great post that I had to look at a couple of times to get straight, as I couldn't believe at first that such a product existed. I guess it does. I prefer his version though.
Second, a new blog for the roll: the aforementioned Michaela and Koji are about to head out from here to land sooner or later in New Orleans. According to the numbers crunched by the stats department, only seventeen people in Louisiana have ever read this blog (the same is true of Belgium incidentally), but I wish for them the support of the wider sangha as they undertake this great venture.
Finally, earlier this week, David Coady's aunt and uncle stopped in at City Center, visiting from Florida; I had the chance to say hello to them, and they said that they were regular readers of this blog, and had found it helpful to read about the community he lived in. I was touched to hear this, and wish them all the best during this painful time.

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