Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A New Boss

As usual, once we get back into the regular schedule, the ease of last week recedes into the past very quickly, and we get immersed in sitting and meetings again. This morning though, I added to my tally of irregular ceremonies, as we performed a tanto seating.
We might have done this yesterday, as that was when the switch officially happened after several months of anticipation, but the Abbot was only just back from his travels the night before, so we delayed a day so that everyone could attend.
I was happy to get the tsui-ching out again, more so as this ceremony involved two jundos: first I took Jordan around, and thanked him with a form of words that Paul had passed to me after kinhin, and then I took Rosalie around, showed her to the tanto seat and announced her as the new tanto. What with that, and Paul's thoughtful words to both of them, we ended up running longer than I had expected, but that is the kind of thing that only the work leader, the breakfast cook and the ino need to be concerned about.
So now I have a new boss, and I look forward to Rosalie flourishing in her new role.

I am also going to stick my neck out again and say that it looks like we might be having some fine weather ahead - last time I said that I was definitely premature, but I live in hope. This was the view on the roof after breakfast:


robert barrer said...

I had a feeling that the wheels of change were rolling, when yesterday Rosalie came in for evening zazen. I just didn't know in which direction they were rolling.

She was Ino when I first came to practice at Zen Center & had encouraged me in trying out a doorwatch position.

Shundo said...

...and who know where the wheels will stop rolling? I'm glad Rosalie got you going back then.

Myomon said...

Congratulations Rosalie! and lucky the sangha that has such wonderful practice support as the CC Ino and Tanto (among others....and each other)

Devon said...

Shundo, this photo is stunning. The light here at Deer Park Monastery has been brilliant as well, especially at night with the waxing of the moon. I must say, I do miss my sangha, altho' Thich Nhat Hanh is a true gem of a teacher. See you all soon!


Shundo said...

Are you allowed to be speaking or writing Devon? If you are, say hello to Irish Catherine who is also there this week...