Monday, January 24, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

'Vimalakirti also says, "Past birth has already perished...future birth has not yet come...present birth does not abide." But past has not necessarily already perished, future has not necessarily not come yet, and present does not necessarily not abide. Even when you regard having-already-perished, not-yet-come, and not-abiding, as the past, future and present, you should clarify that not-yet-come is itself the past, present and future. Accordingly, confirmation is attained in both birth and death. Enlightenment is attained in both birth and death.
When all sentient beings receive confirmation, Maitreya also receives confirmation. Now I ask you, Vimalakirti: Is Maitreya the same as sentient beings or different from them? Answer! You said, "If Maitreya received confirmation, all sentient beings receive confirmation." If you say Maitreya is not a sentient being, sentient beings are not sentient beings, and Maitreya is not Maitreya. How is it so? Then, Vimalakirti is not Vimalakirti. If you are not Vimalakirti, you cannot make this statement.
Therefore you should say: When confirmation causes all sentient beings to exist, all sentient beings and Maitreya exist. Confirmation causes all things to be as they are' ('Confirmation', 'Juki').

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