Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lou passes

I announce to the great assembly: wind and fire have pressed in together on Reverend Shu-un Mitsuzen Lou Hartman, and he has been unable to avoid them.

I was out buying a cake for Dogen's birthday, and I came back to find everyone was looking for me, and the densho was ringing.


Linda Atkins said...

Ah, I'm sorry. This is sad news. (I confess that because of Lou's evident age, I assumed he might not be able to hear well, so it was a while before I attempted a "hello," but when I did, he answered with alacrity and I was sorry I hadn't done it sooner. I liked him, and I'm awfully sorry for Blanche's loss and the loss to your community.)

Shundo said...

Hello Linda, it's true, Lou had no problem hearing. He was starting to forget names and details at times, but mostly he was sharp as the proverbial tack, and didn't miss a trick.