Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back To The Archives

I thought I would repeat the exercise from sesshin, as nobody came and complained about it last time. So, a trip into the archives and a photograph each day. And if, as happened when I was in Tassajara a couple of weeks ago, the auto-scheduling fails to kick in, at least this time I will probably notice before I get back to San Francisco after Memorial Day, and get to rectify the situation.
Today, the very first Study Hall post, which, according to the page stats, has only been viewed three times before.
For the pictures, I have been plundering the Tassajara parts of my archive folders. This picture is called 'postcard view', as it is one of my attempts to duplicate Dan Howe's famous picture from the seventies, which is sold in the Stone Office as a postcard. It took me more than a year just to figure out where he had taken it from, and a little longer to actually get there myself - I won't say where it is exactly, but somehwere in the vicinity of Flag Rock, and I certainly wouldn't recommend the off-trail section of the hike to anyone. Having said that, my first foray to the spot did not produce a picture that satisfied me, so, during my next stint at Tassajara, armed with a digital camera this time, I undertook the same expedition, and came back with this shot. Still not as rich as the original.

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