Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back To The Archives 9

Getting people to stay in the zendo for kinhin is a constant struggle for the ino and the tanto; we have been discussing it again recently, and I brought it up at the residents' meeting before I left. Here are my related thoughts from a couple of years ago.
Today's photo combines the themes of the previous few - wildlife and the creek at Tassajara. I was always happy to find a newt, either in or out of the water. This one was particularly happy to be doing whatever it is that newts do. It's not exactly a YouTube kitten video, but still very cute.


Myomon said...

So at one point during the spring 2011 pp @ Tassajara, the tanto, ino, and PP leader got us to all stay for kinhin with the promise that after the bell ending kinhin, those who had to go to the toilet could leave and return individually and quietly.

It was really nice to have almost the entire group doing kinhin, and my impression was fewer people left because the focus was on leaving because of real need, not just to have a break.

Shundo said...

Maybe we could try this during one-day sittings and sesshins. In the mornings here we like to shut the curtain and get still quickly.