Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back To The Archives 15

Rounding off this dredging operation, an entry about generosity and the paramitas, the theme of the current pratice period. On the Saturday before I left, Nadia set me up nicely for this part of my announcements: she caught my attention and told the assembly that she had found a wallet in the hallway. I continued, while you are all checking that you have yours....
A double helping of photos today, since I had uploaded a whole bunch for this extended exercise. The first is a continuation from yesterday, a little open stretch of the Marble Cone trail that runs along Willow Creek, about a mile or so east of Starlight Meadow. The second, a different view in several ways, is from Hawk Mountain, loking east over to Junipero Serra peak, the hghest point in the picture, and indeed in the whole area. If you can make out the Indian Stations road cutting across the hillside in front of that peak, the first photo was taken some way below that, between that hill and the one in front of it. As you can tell, I liked to get about when I was there.

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