Monday, May 21, 2012

Back To The Archives 6

The vacation auto-posting continues with a little navel-gazing from the archive.
I am continuing with the Tassajara photos theme, though this one is a little different. I came across a number of rattlesnakes in my time there, mostly on the trails, but a couple of times I was called on to remove some from close to the bathhouse - with a long-handled tong-like device. I had a closer encounter than this one in my first summer, but on this occasion I happened to be running out on the Horse Pasture with my camera. I had jumped over a snake more than once on that part of the trail, which zig-zags down from the Flag Rock ridge to the Horse Pasture itself; this snake was next to the trail and I heard it rattle after I had gone by, so I stopped at a safe distance to record its disgruntledness at having been disturbed; I have some video footage too as it made its way across the trail to the other side to disappear into the undergrowth.


Full Moon said...

omg, Shundo! That is scary!

Shundo said...

You can talk - I think these guys are perhaps more predictable than sharks.