Friday, April 20, 2012

Study Hall

Sometimes it might seem that Katagiri Roshi is saying the same thing over and over, but then I think it is good for us to be reminded, again and again.
"Buddha is something alive, constantly moving. Digest sitting Buddha and it becomes energy for your life. That is called faith, or confidence. This energy is not a philosophical teaching - it's within you already. How can you be one with it in your life? All you can do is constantly, steadfastly, approach to this very moment. Don't attach to your idea of yourself as either form or not-form, because both are impermanent: each appears but in the next moment it disappears. If you attach to one when it appears, you create a discrepancy between yourself and the rhythm of nature. Then when it disappears, you are confused. So just be host to time and place, and then jump in. At that time you can open your heart and meet something with true heart. That experience is called enlightenment, or awakening.
If you manifest creativity in your life, you are manifesting your complete life: form and not-form come together and work together. Where? That is your time and opportunity. When time and opportunity are working within your activity, form and not-form are dissipated, melted right in the middle of total activity. That is called beauty. It is very quiet. There is nothing to say. All you can do is be present from day to day, from moment to moment" - Each Moment is the Universe.
I will add that while I will try to be present from moment to moment today, I am also very much looking forward to heading to Tassajara tomorrow; the weather is gorgeous right now, and will make it even more beautiful if it stays like this, which it is forecast to do. It couldn't be better.


Sierra said...

hope you all have a great time at tassajara...looking forward to some nice pictures so I can live vicariously :)

Shundo said...

Shame you couldn't make it - this time...

Dennis said...

Safe travels and a joyous Tassajara visit, as I'm confident it will be.

Anonymous said...

beautiful tassajara

for me, the most incredible inspirational place in tassajara is the night sky

watching the stars at night

infinity as a gift

depth and silence

so peaceful

I can still feel the beauty of the tassajara night sky

know you'll have a wonderful visit there

imagine it too is anticipating your most welcome arrival

may all who are so fortunate to have been there carry lovely tassajara reflections with them always

Shundo said...

Thank you both.