Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bodhisattvas In The Making

The weather in San Francisco this week has been most varied, and it was unfortunate that yesterday was the nicest day of them all, and I had no way to get outside - the morning program segued right into setting up the Buddha Hall, lunch, rehearsal and jukai. There was a two-fold bright side to being indoors, though: first that I am fond of all four of the people who were receiving the precepts, Jim, Verna, Jay and Lauren, and secondly that I was wearing for the first time (the French have a verb for just this situation, wouldn't you know) a new light-weight kimono and jubon which had freshly arrived from Liz at Zabu Zabu, and which made a huge difference to running around on a warm afternoon, contributing materially to feeling my relaxed throughout the proceedings.
Things went smoothly and happily, and I think the photos do the best job of telling the story, as usual:

Jim with Jordan

Verna with Steve

Jay with Steve

Lauren with Paul

I like this one of Paul, which reminds me of nothing so much as Bellini's Doge.

Lauren and Jay chanting

Jim with Jordan

Verna and Jay

Verna being Verna

Steve's whisk


Eli said...

The Lauren and Paul one... thank you for 'capturing' that moment.

Myomon said...

Congratulations to all, especially my friend Jim.

ZabuZabu lightweight kimono saved me last summer in hot, humid N. Caorlina

robert barrer said...

Beautiful photos and I especially like the one of Jim and Jordan.

Shundo said...

Thank you all - Choro, I hope you let Liz know. She was happy to get my email thanking her over the weekend.

Verna said...

These are awesome, Shundo!! Yay, Dharma!! Thanks so much for everything I cannot name...Namaste

Shundo said...

Yay Verna

Tuckabold said...

Photos most fine, Shundo. Thanks for posting them.