Friday, April 6, 2012


Kate came to find me in the courtyard at lunch, to ask if I would take a photo of the flower house being made ready for tomorrow's ceremony so she could post it to Facebook. I was happy to tell her I had already done so, as I was thinking of putting a post together on the subject.
People often come to me to say they really appreciate how much effort goes in to putting on a ceremony. Buddha's Birthday is one of the most notable in that respect, as the following photos hopefully demonstrate. You can click here to see the finished effect, or wait for a post on this year's ceremony.

A view from the roof of the flower house being worked on, and herbs and petals being gathered for the procession

Mark and Nadine helping with the flower house, each in their own way

Balloons were being blown up in the dining room

Konin and Takken working on the parasols

Daigan collected ceremonial objects in my office


Anonymous said...

i'm always amazed at the sense of deep peace your photos seem to evoke. i know you'll try to give credit to the subjects, but I think the photographer is equally responsible. its like a 2 minute zazen for me. thank you.


Shundo said...

I think the viewer is equally responsible too. You have to be ready to meet peace.

Robin Anderson said...

Hello Shundo,

I was able to grab a few shots during my visit and wanted to share. Was so happy I could be there - it was beautiful.


Shundo said...

Robin, thanks very much for these - they are really lovely, as are the other pictures you got on your visit.