Monday, April 2, 2012

Ino Hair Down

This title comes from one of those bizarre phrases that people type in and by which they end up visiting this blog; at least this one is quite plausible, and perhaps someone just wants to know what I do on my days off - though of course literally it isn't much of an option. Other recent phrases with diminishing levels of obvious relevance have been 'shin buddhist okesa', 'is study hall good for you' (yes, of course it is in this case), 'dining room in the evening', 'foggy alley' and 'hymn to new england on trumpet'. This last one had me completely perplexed. Go ahead and paste it into google, and you will discover many interesting facts, and some nice pictures, but it would take more leisure time than I have to see how many pages you have to wade through before this blog shows up.
Anyway, I am letting my hair down and taking the day off - at least until Young Urban Zen, which doesn't seem like work. As such I stayed in bed until breakfast time - having woken up ridiculously early yesterday, which at least meant I got to watch a few more hours of the Tour of Flanders than I had expected. I also missed work meeting this morning, but everyone I have seen since then told me I was effusively thanked, so I am glad I saved myself the embarrassment.
Mainly I wanted to post this picture of Blanche from after the shuso ceremony, as it came out rather nicely, and a brace of sky pictures from some of the changeable weather we had during sesshin:

The first two are a sunset, looking west and north respectively; this was a sunrise on a different day


genine said...

i love this photo of Blanche!

Shundo said...

Glad you do.