Friday, January 13, 2012

Study Hall

From Eloquent Silence, part of Nyogen Senzaki's commentary on case seven of the Gateless Gate: "Now, if Joshu said 'yes' at that moment, the monk would get a conception of Buddha that would be nothing but an inchoate shadow. If the monk were to outlive Joshu and survive to this day, he might study the up-to-date sciences of physiology and psychology. He might thus search for the Buddha within himself, but all in vain, after all. Christians think that the word 'no' is the hardest one to say when facing temptations. Buddhists consider 'yes' the most dangerous word, for it prevents realization".


Mike said...

I am left to wonder about the connections between this post and your previous one. Have a good weekend.

Shundo said...

Thanks Mike, It was mostly that I wanted to have both of them up, one because it was timely, the other because it was there.
Maybe we could say that the reading the first post would only give you an inchoate shadow of what actually happened, which should not be confused with the reality of yesterday.