Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back on Seat

The alarm clock was a bit of a shock this morning, even though I have been waking up early some mornings recently. I was perhaps even more shocked to come down the stairs with Abbot Steve, and find six people already in the zendo - usually there is just Joan and maybe one other person. So at least some people were raring to go in the new year. We had an evening out with people from Young Urban Zen last night, which may have contributed to my sluggish feeling.
Most of the morning was spent tidying up my office, which was full of detritus from the the New Year celebrations, and then trying to get up and running and make sure lots of little things get taken care of. We have the Suzuki Roshi memorials, then a second Zen Center meeting tomorrow, and a jukai on Saturday, the Full Moon Ceremony on Monday, as well as a very fluid doanryo right now. Fingers crossed it all happens...

I haven't said much about stats for a while, but the search words are always illuminating: "highway 190" was one from today, presumably that person saw some of my holiday pictures; "dharma transition" is a new ceremonial activity we should check in the Gyoji Kihan for - though we did have a dharma transmission here over Christmas; "tassajara monastery restaurant" and "my first dokusan" both made me chuckle, and "how did israelites go to the bathroom 'robes off'" somewhat boggles the mind - I doubt that person found the answer here..
I was also interested to note the international numbers today - the four I's (only Iceland missing I think). Hello to you wherever you are.

United States 105
Australia 2
Russia 2
Canada 1
United Kingdom 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
India 1
Italy 1


Sandy's witterings said...

I do rather like to watch my stats too. It is interesting how some visits register on the Blogspot stat counter, some register on the Flag counter, some on both and some on neither (a lot of people get in and out of my blog, leave a message to prove their presence and get back out without being counted). I wonder what the true count is. This week Blogspot tells me I've had a visit from the Dutch Antilles (I had to look it up) but even better Flagcounter says that I had a visit from Liechtenstein - that's about the whole population.

Happy counting

Shundo said...

I get the feeling Google doesn't always count people who just load the front page rather than clicking a particular post. I can match the Dutch Antilles, but not this week, and I would need a map for that too, but not Liechtenstein. I'm chuffed about the Channel Islanders though.

windhorse said...

gday shundo, i always 'enter' through SFZC home page... if you wanna match stats with this particular whereabouts... am currently in sth-west corner, wayyy down-under! [visiting back, across the big pond, first time in years.] And do hope to see you all again - TZMC or C.C. Earth is awesome in vastness and interconnections. never taken for granted, always surprised to find self, wherever i do! happy stats count, megan

Shundo said...

Hi Megan, I hope you are doing well in your old stomping-grounds. I have noticed an uptick in Antipodean visits, so I think you are making your mark.