Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Study Hall - Extensive Record

Winter Solstice Dharma Hall Discourse (1245):
"... Xuefeng asked a monk, 'Where are you going?'
The monk said, 'I'm going to do community work'.
Xuefeng said, 'Go'.
Yunmen said, 'Xuefeng understands people according to their words'.
Hongzhi said [about this dialogue], 'Don't move. If you move I'll give you thirty blows. Why is this so? For a luminous jewel without flaw, if you carve a pattern its virtue is lost'.

Although these three venerable ones spoke this way, I, old man Daibutsu, do not agree. Great assembly, listen carefully and consider this well. For a luminous jewel without flaw, if polished its virtue increases.
Today's first [arising of] yang [and the daylight's increase] is an auspicious occasion; a noble person reaches maturity. Althought this is an auspicious occasion for laypeople, it is truly a delight and support for buddha ancestors. Yesterday the short length [of day] departed, yin reached its fullness, and the sound of the cold wind ceased. This morning the growing length [of day] arrived, and yang arises with a boisterous clamor. Now path-robed monks feel happy and sustained, and the buddha ancestors dance with joy. How could directly transcending the realm of Awesome Sound King of Emptiness have anything to do with the seasons of spring, autumn, winter, or summer?"

New moon visible from my room before zazen

After breakfast


Sandy's witterings said...

It is good to get past the shortest day,that event 3 days hence and in a week or so's time the turn of the years. Life often about this time of year feels on hold to me and it's good to get going again. Maybe your zendo (last blog) is feeling this way too.

Shundo said...

Hi Sandy, I think the way it has turned into an extended holiday in the UK does make it seem like a very long pause in things - here people don't take so much time off, but they certainly make up for it in the amount of shopping. I am happy to feel a little removed from all that here at Zen Center.
I hope you have a peaceful time at least.