Friday, December 30, 2011

In-between Days

As I have observed before - and if I am going to continue into a third year of being ino, I am either going to have to be more inventive in what I write about, or trust that people either haven't read or don't remember the older posts - interim is always a spacious time, as I have three extra hours during the day. Admittedly, the last couple of days, I have spent the first of these hours asleep, but I also get to drink coffee and read the papers before breakfast, and yesterday I realised that I did not have to rush to get to Rainbow and back in time for afternoon zazen, but could bike at leisure, and then bathe until the umpan rang for dinner.
There is also the slightly somnolent feel of the building in this week between Christmas and New Year - even with our visitors from Tassajara here - though I have to be careful not to be too lulled by this, as there are many details to take care of for the events tomorrow evening and on the morning of the first, especially since it takes place over the weekend, and we are doing some things differently to the usual. Hopefully I can stay awake past midnight tomorrow - that kind of a thing is quite a stretch for me these days.

Yesterday morning's beautiful skies before breakfast
Less colourful today, but equally misty


Myomon said...

Somnolent during our interim too, Shundo. We are celebrating the new year tomorrow night at the temple, having our usual Sunday program (which is like Sat. @ CC) and then closed Mon. morning on the official New Year holiday. It all starts up again on Tuesday - getting up @ 5 am, I mean. Happy New Year from Choro!

Shundo said...

Yes, the getting up at 5am. I have been wondering if part of the somnolence is due to not sitting at the beginning of the day.
Enjoy tonight, and happy new year.