Thursday, December 29, 2011

In The Mountains Again

It was Christmas day at the bath-house, and I realised that being at Tassajara is a little like being in sesshin: there is little to distract you, so you pay attention to those things that are around you; since these are mostly natural objects, they reward your attention. I felt deeply rested just from being there and strongly connected to the land I know so well.
The break was certainly everything I wished for - peaceful, quiet, being surrounded by lovely people, with some faces from the past including Amy, Luke, Jessamyn and Sarah. The weather was bright and clear, mornings well below freezing that turned into sunny days, the endless blue sky turning into the dense starry darkness you just don't get in the city. I slept plenty - even until seven thirty once, which only ever happens at Christmas these days - read more than I usually have time for, did some non-strenuous hiking, washed some dishes, cleaned at the bath-house, cooked breakfast, listened to and told stories, watched hawks floating overhead, played with rocks, and did not hurry anywhere.
Of course I took photographs, although I was a little hampered by only taking one memory card down; I had to restrain myself for the last couple of days. Here is a selection, and I will probably post more here later on.

The echo han
Bright sunshine on the sandstone of the Church Creek trail
A picture I have failed to capture well in years gone by
On the women's side of the bath-house
Densho and striker
Never got this view to work before
A little way up the road
On the Church Creek trail
Above the first lookout on the road, looking towards Flag Rock
The walkway from the zendo to the kitchen
New moon over the Three Treasures


windhorse said...

beautifully evocative images, Shundo. Thankyou for bringing Tassajara so close, though never far from heart. cheers, megan [windhorse]

Shundo said...

Thanks Megan, I hope you are enjoying yourself - still in Victoria?

Ruth said...

Fantastic photos, thank you.

Shundo said...

Happy New Year, Ruth, and I hope it goes well for you.

ksellman said...

Lovely photos! I take it you're enjoying the new camera? Sure does look like it...

Shundo said...

Oh yes, it was nice to get it out for a real run.