Thursday, April 21, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

From 'All-Inclusive Study', 'Henzan': "All-inclusive study means 'If the top of a stone is large, the bottom is large. If the top of the stone is small, the bottom is small'. Without changing the top of a stone, you allow the stone to be large or to be small".

The ino, less of a blur this time, tries to figure out if the stone is large or small. Photo courtesy of Marcia Lieberman


Sandy's witterings said...

Since you're trying to move it from A to B, I should think it's really quite a large stone. Now whether anyone else agrees with that is another matter.

Shundo said...

I think Dogen is telling us not to be too stressed out about relative phenomena, but at the same time you could say that another measure of the size of a rock is how much it hurts when you drop it on your foot.