Thursday, April 14, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

Dogen is definitely helping focus my mind this week. From 'Ten Directions', 'Jippo':

"[Changsha continued] 'The entire world of the ten directions is the radiant light of the self'. *
 The self means nostrils before the birth of your parents. The nostrils, being by accident in the hand of the self, are called the entire world of the ten directions. Yet, the self is right here, actualizing the fundamental point, opening the hall and seeing the Buddha...
Although calling is easy and responding is difficult, when you are called, you turn your head. When you turn your head, what use can it be? Still you turn your head toward the person who called.
A meal waits for you to eat it. A robe waits for you to wear it. What a pity you don't take it while it wants you to. I have already given you thirty blows".

* we have already covered this phrase.

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Angela said...

Sorry you did not feel like we were flowing well last night. But, Maya and I were honoured to do jika for you and it made my afternoon after a tough day.