Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back On Seat

There has been a transitional kind of feeling this week, as we get back into the schedule. It is a strange lurch to go straight from the rigours of sesshin to the spaciousness of interim. We had the Tassajara crowd in last week as well, so there was a vacationing air in the building, but now they are all back at work period, and we adjust to the normal routine again.
I noticed how rusty we were sounding in service on Monday and Tuesday, and how I was not feeling fully connected to everything. This morning we had a pretty full zendo for first period, and then at kinhin it was like someone pulled the plug out - people streamed out, and we went from maybe having fifty people in the room to having eighteen for kinhin, and not many more for second period. Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of the kokyo and fukudo, we had a stronger service today.
As I write, the blue sky is covered with clouds and rain starts to fall. Maybe spring is not yet fully established.

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