Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There is still not as much rain as advertised, and it is just possible we will get away with doing the Solstice Ceremony outside this afternoon. It is an auspicious day, with the full moon - which we will celebrate tomorrow evening in the usual way - and the lunar eclipse. I haven't heard of anyone here staying up to watch it, but with the cloud cover it was always going to be a doubtful proposition.
This morning was beautiful - I should have kept hold of my camera after taking these, as Lucy decided that instead of having our koan class, we should all go out to breakfast, so anyone passing by Zen Center at seven thirty this morning would have been treated to the sight of five of us, in full robes and rakusus, walking down to Hayes Street to go and eat. Being San Francisco, nobody really batted an eye.


Gretchen said...

Gorgeous photos. I set my alarm for 12:15 to view the eclipse, but looked out my window first and seeing heavy cloud cover through my fuzzy sleepy brain, reset the alarm for 4:50 and went back to sleep. I'm wondering what I would have seen if I'd put more energy into going outside.

Shundo said...

Lucky you didn't have to set up for an Eclipse Ceremony, eh?