Thursday, December 16, 2010


This morning Jerome leaves for the crematorium; people were sitting with him throughout the day yesterday, and after work meeting this morning we will have a ceremony for him leaving, which will be very similar to the ceremony for settling him into room 1 a couple of days ago. After that, hopefully, I will take a couple of hours off, which I have been waiting to do since Monday, and ride my bike, as it is a beautiful winter morning here, after a week of very grey weather.
The altar in room 1, with Jerome's okesa, bowls, whisk and other objects from his altar


Ruth said...

So very sorry about Jerome. But so lovely to read your various entries about his passing, funeral and, of course, the wake.

Shundo said...

Hi Ruth,

How are you getting on back home? Happy holidays.

Ruth said...

Thanks Shundo, Happy Holidays to you too. Still waiting for that email ;-)