Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Again With The Confessing And Repenting

The Full Moon Ceremony occupies an interesting space somewhere between a regular ceremony and a special one - it comes round more often than the solstice, obviously, more regularly than a jukai, say, and at a rough tally I must be getting close to having participated in a hundred of them, but it always occupies a privileged place in the calendar. We didn't have the same sized crowds for this evening as we did yesterday, but it was a very sweet event nonetheless. I especially enjoyed seeing the moon shining down into the courtyard before we started; the rains have moved on - there was a long-lasting rainbow over the city as I went out to Rainbow this afternoon - and the skies have cleared.
We were trying an experiment with the live streaming, so I was a little pre-occupied with trying to get the best out of our limited sound system before we started, as well as trying to iron the candle wax out of my okesa that had landed there during the Solstice Ceremony as I was going round lighting candles.
I am just hearing from a friend in Europe who got up especially early to tune in to the stream, and enjoyed being able to do so...the world-wide web of dharma, and sangha.

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