Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Dangerous Business

Several of you were kind enough to express concern about the head wound shown after Rohatsu. As you can see below, time heals all wounds, and occasionally inflicts new ones. The latest was a shaving mishap at the weekend, which qualifies as an occupational hazard around these parts.


LWA said...

Gracious! I set out to shave my head four years ago or so and had completed the right side, more or less, when I got tired of the whole project and stopped right there. When I walked into work the next morning, there was a brief silence, and then the fellow who sat near me said cheerfully, "Keepin' it real!" Anyone who can maintain a bald head has my admiration.

Shundo said...

I would have liked to have seen that!
My experience is that once you start, it is easy to maintain - after a sesshin, or if I go back to Europe and let it grow out for more than a week, then it gets tougher. I do enjoy the feeling of doing it as well, despite the odd cut.