Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Under Tara's Gaze

Despite the recent onset of the summer fog, this morning might have almost been a nicer day to do the Full Moon Ceremony on the roof. I managed to get up there for a moment after helping Kogan change out all the candles in the Buddha Hall - so that this portion of our offering is fresh, as were the flowers, from Marcia's garden. It felt milder and quite pleasant, but I was glad to see that, if the moon was still up, it was hiding behind the fog low to the west again.
I knew we were in good hands this month, with Marta and Valorie; when we rehearsed on Saturday, I told them that every month since we have started doing the Livestream, there had been at least one mistake - I guess I have in mind that one month there will be a 'perfect' ceremony that we can keep for posterity - and that the main thing was, as we always used to say in radio, just to make one mistake and not compound it. So we had a mistake this morning as well, but luckily it was just one mistake, and we carried just as strongly afterwards. I had a nice time with Tara as usual, and got warm doing all the prostrations, as usual.

The sun was up at 6:20, but was also hiding


Mike said...

How about Peter Sagan's gaze from the finish line? Wow. Wiggins looks really strong as does Cadel. It will be fun. I'll pull for Wiggins for you though, Shundo.

Hope you get out for a ride.

And as I know all things are impermanent, I will miss your presence on this blog when that time comes. Maybe I'll send you an old-fashion comment on a picture card with a stamp and everything.

Shundo said...

I will certainly be leaving a forwarding address.
Planning to go up Diablo tomorrow...
I loved today's stage finish, watching Chavanel bolt out of the pack like that, but not be able to keep them all at bay, and then some imperious accelerating by Sagan...
When I went to watch the Tour of California stage start here in town a few weeks ago, I could see how strong he looked; we're going to be talking about him for years.
Things are looking good for Wiggins so far, especially mentally - fingers crossed