Friday, August 12, 2011

Seeing Things

It felt somewhat ironic to come back to my room after the opening for the show of photos and immediately see that there was a quality of light outside which made it worth grabbing my camera and heading for the roof. I included in the show an album of shots of different skyscapes taken from the roof, which Robert poetically referred to as my 'book of clouds', but I hadn't been up there with my camera for a while. There were the end-of-sunset clouds facing off against the fog to the south west, and the moon rising serenely in the south east.
I was happy with how the opening went, considering my limited tolerance for both small talk and being the centre of attention. I sold one picture in the first ten minutes, so I couldn't have asked for a better start; people seemed to enjoy the content and presentation, and there was a very respectable turn-out. I included a picture with the title "You should know where this is" which got everybody talking - I should have added a subtitle "if you are a resident". Most people were stumped, though a few were able to place it.

To the south west

To the south east

"You should know where this is"


Sweetcake Enso said...

Really lovely, Shundo! I'm glad that your opening went well, and that you have been inspired to continue to share on Tumblr. It is no surprise that people responded to those drips, an abstract painting but with the slight odor of our golden rotting world as well. Photography does that in a way that no painting can.

Shundo said...

Thank you sweetcake. People were mostly excited because they wanted to know where it was. I was even tickled for the information...
I will keep putting new stuff up on the Tumblr in my free moments.