Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Extra Hours

I always have the feeling during interim that there are more hours in the day, as I am not obliged to spend three of them following the schedule morning and afternoon. I have also been having longer days - yesterday I woke up at four and remembered that I hadn't put the instructions for the interim doan at the seat, so I went and did that, and found it impossible to get back to sleep afterwards, though since I ended up watching English football highlights, I didn't feel like I was really suffering.
After I managed to wrap up a number of loose ends at work yesterday, we had a large and lively Young Urban Zen meeting, and several of us took the usual after-party conversation down to a neighbouring cafe, with the result that I didn't get to bed until midnight. I still woke up this morning early enough to take down my art show and pack my bags for Tassajara before breakfast.
I am, for the first time, trying to get down to Carmel on various trains and buses, which I feel a little unsure about, but rides did not materialise in the end. I look forward to being there in time for dinner, and assuming I am able to get out again, I will be back in the online world in time for the Saturday program.

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Ruth said...

Safe travels to Tassajara and give my love to Mr & Mrs.