Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

"Clearly know that there are always buddhas in the past, present and future. Do not say that past buddhas had a beginning or did not have a beginning. To fall into such theoretical discussion is not the study of buddha dharma. Instead, to make offerings to past buddhas, leave the household and follow them is a crucial way to become buddhas.
You become buddhas by the merit of making offerings to buddhas. How can a sentient being who has not made offerings to even one buddha become a buddha? There is no becoming a buddha without cause...
Making offerings to buddhas does not mean providing buddhas with what they need. It is dedicating moments of your life to buddhas without wasting any moment. What use can buddhas make even if gold and silver are offered? What benefit can buddhas receive if incense and flowers are offered? However, buddhas receive the offerings with great compassion to help increse the merit of sentient beings" - 'Making Offerings To Buddhas', 'Kuyo Shobutsu'.

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petemoon said...

The image of buddhas receiving our offerings with compassion regardless of no use or benefit is deeply endearing!