Friday, May 13, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The great Blogger outage prevented me from posting this yesterday, and as I write, the previous entry is still missing, perhaps taking refuge in a cloud computer somewhere. It brings home the impermanent nature of online things, and how little control we have over them.
Yesterday was a good day for several reasons. To begin with I managed to make it to my first ever baseball game, thanks to a concerted effort by Tim, Joan, Daigan and Wendy to make it happen. We also met Roger down there, he being a season ticket holder, for extra Zen Center flavour. I followed happenings on the field well enough, and even managed to add to my meagre knowledge of the rules.The Giants won, just, so everyone was happy.
I had been concerned that with a 12:45 kick-off (no, that's not what you call it, is it?), it was possible that I might not get back in time for evening zazen, which caused a little anxiety, as we started the day without a doshi, doan or doorwatch. On Wednesday there had been a gap in the doanryo as well, which is problematic during practice period with most people attending the tea, but luckily, the doanryo members who were there all had additional strings to their bows: the doan became the fukudo; the jiko became the doan - having been trained for that on Monday -  and the even more recently trained kokyo doubled up as jiko. Yesterday we managed with volunteers, and since it was a game with not so much hitting going on, we were all done at the park by 3:30, enough time for a leisurely bike ride home and no rush to get into robes.
Those of you with exceptionally tenacious memories might also recall that May 12th is the anniversary of my arrival in this country - which made the ballgame doubly apt - and I was gratified to hear a very strong (/ˈnaɪ.ðər/) being chanted from across the zendo to match mine last night.


Dennis said...

And just for the record, two other Zen-Centerers, Susana and I - were also at the game - welcome to the world of baseball, the best of all American games. And such a nice anniversary. Go Giants!

Shundo said...

How about that? I wouldn't disagree that baseball is the best of all American games, but I would say that it has a way to go to beat football - the kind we play with the foot.

Sandy's witterings said...

American football is a complete loss to me - I have no idea what's going on but I feel I have a grasp of baseball - perhaps it's the British tendancy to play rounders at school.

Strangely yesterdays Blogger outage seems to have given me an extra hour - I was having trouble fitting things into my day. I do like it when a cloud's silver lining is so apparent.

Shundo said...

I think playing rounders might have given me at least some insight into baseball as well, though they do have some rather arcane rules in there as well.
My only disappointment at the outage - well, apart from not getting to leave comments on my favourite blogs - was that I didn't get to post on my actual immigrant anniversary.