Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Post

Death Valley may offer many opportunities for zazen and contemplating impermanence, but while I was looking at some other blogs in my motel room in the Eastern Sierras yesterday, I thought I should offer my ino replacements the chance to say something. I emailed them, and this is what I got back...

From Tanya: "Filling holes in the doanryo, training new people, searching for the misplaced shoten plaque and the han clock (found together, BTW!)...It's been busier than I've imagined, AND I've enjoyed how this opportunity (to step up) has pulled me back in, deepened my commitment to attend daily work meetings and noon service. Creatively I've been challenged to invent unique announcements for noon service doanryo sign-ups (Come on, people, it's an opportunity!) And to not take anyone's hesitation to sign-up [or any other response someone may give to something I'm doing] too personally.

"I think we're all enjoying ourselves. The four of us have met the expected minimal dramas with a sense of team work, i.e. the battery dying on the speaker's mic during lecture on Saturday led to a tag team effort to find and deliver and then install the new battery.... It really does take a team!" 

From Joan: Ha - yes! Shundo, now that you're a giants devote` (how DO I get that accent up there going the right way?) a quote I read Tanya from this morning's paper:
The Giants' shortstop: "You want to win championships, but you want to have team chemistry. I liked winning the World Series; at the same time, I like the fun we have. We have great team chemistry, a great group of guys. It's a good feeling when you see familiar faces you play with."

From Renee: I think that says it all. :) (The quote).

So there you have it.
Since there are so many beautiful things to see in this part of the world, a couple of photos from my last stop in Lone Pine. I rode my bike up the road in the second picture, and crashed it on the way down - on a straight section of road as well...

Mount Whitney from Lone Pine

Mount Whitney Portal Road - all uphill

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