Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Study Hall

A last dip into the Harada Roshi teishos. I notice that there are only a few references to the Shodoka, which is not untypical - I can think of many practice periods at Tassajara where the classes and lectures only glancingly referred to the text we were supposed to be studying. His words are inspiring just the same: "What we call a Buddha doesn't exist in some special way. It is a matter of you taking care of yourself. It is your problem, a concern of yours alone. If it isn't this teaching, then we can't call it the Buddha's zen".


Sandy's witterings said...

One of the things about these little blogs is that there's not often very much to say about them. I just read it and think, "hm, I can get something out of that"

Nice bot of humour in the first couple of photos in the last blog.

Shundo said...

Sometimes there are no words and that's okay. I could always put up one of those gadgets where you can signal your approval or otherwise with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down....or not.