Friday, March 25, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

'Face-to-Face Transmission', 'Menju', is a lot of fun; Dogen gets personal, both for himself, and with an ad hominem section in the postscript:
"If you do not realize the fruit at this moment, when will you realize it? If you do not cut off delusion at this moment, when will you cut off delusion? If you do not become a buddha at this moment, when will you? If you do not sit as a buddha at this moment, when will you practice as an active buddha? Diligently examine this in detail...

I, Dogen, first bowed formally to Rujing, my late master, Old Buddha Tiantong, and received transmission face to face on the first day of the fifth month, the first year of Baoqing Era of Great Song (1225), and was thereby allowed to enter the inner chamber. I was able to enact this face-to-face transmission by dropping away body and mind, and I have established this transmission in Japan...

Chenggu, if dharma heritage can be attained through literature as you imply, do all those who reach understanding by reading sutras receive dharma from Shakyamuni Buddha? It is never so. Understanding by sutras always requires an authentic master's seal of approval.
Your words show that you have not yet read the recorded sayings of Yunmen. Only those who have seen Yunmen's words have received dharma from Yunmen. But you have not yet seen Yunmen with your own eyes; you have not yet seen the self with your own eyes. You have not seen Yunmen with Yunmen's eyes; you have not seen the self with Yunmen's eyes.
There are many people like you who have not thoroughly studied. Continually buy straw sandals and seek an authentic master from whom to receive dharma. You should not say that you have received dharma from great master Yunmen. If you do so, you will enter the stream of those outside the way. Even Baizhang would be mistaken if he talked like you".

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so beautiful. thank you. (and true!)