Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Study Hall - Shobogenzo

Study hall has been in abeyance for the last week or so - last week I was rehearsing with the shuso, it being the only time she was free, alternating between the skit and the Full Moon Ceremony; on Monday I was too tired, and yesterday, I took advantage of clear skies to get out on my bike, as I probably won't get another opportunity for two weeks. But I have missed it.
So: "Shakyamuni Buddha said, 'Aspects of thusness are no other than the nature of thusness.'
Thus, flowers blossoming and leaves falling are the nature of thusness. 
But foolish people think that there cannot be flowers blossoming and leaves falling in the realm of dharma nature. If you think in this way, don't ask others, but just pretend  that your doubt is your expression. Repeat it a few times as if quoting from others. Then you will be able to be released from your doubt.
Such a doubt is not wrong; it merely lacks clarity. Even after you have clarity, do not let your earlier thinking disappear.
Flowers blossoming and leaves falling are no other than flowers blossoming and leaves falling. The thought that there cannot be flowers blossoming and leaves falling in dharma nature is itself dharma nature. It is thought that doubts and is released from doubt. Thus, it is thought that, as it is, is dharma nature. The entire thought of the thought of dharma nature has such a face". 'Dharma Nature', 'Hossho'.

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