Thursday, February 24, 2011

Study Hall

More from Harada Roshi's teishos: "Illusion means to see one thing as two things. Illusion is to see things from the viewpoint of the ego/self, to create a distance and a distinction between subject and object and to perceive as existing something which doesn't exist. Truth is your condition right now. Regardless of what that condition may be, it is the truth. Because you aren't aware that this is the truth, you look elsewhere...
Regardless of whether a person has realized the way or not, however, no-one can explain the present. It is precisely because this reality cannot be expressed in words, that we are always living peacefully in a world of nothingness. 'Now' is a condition where there is really nothing, and that is the real Buddha in his pure, undefiled aspect".
Reading words like this, I feel weight lifted from my heart.

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robertbarrer said...

...thank you for sharing Harada Roshi's words. They really are heart-lifting words.